CIVIC Supply Chain: Turkey

CIVIC's primary purpose is to create better, simpler clothing with the help of nature's own super fabric- Merino Wool. But our garments represent more than just the finished product; though we're quick to rave about comfort and breathability, equally as important is where our items come from and the lives that our supply chain might impact along the way. We're proud to share the story of our factory partners in Turkey and how they bring about positive change in both their own community and the environment as a whole.

Our Antoni Tee, Zaha Henley, and Merino Boxers are manufactured in Izmir, a city on Turkey’s Aegean coast that has over 4,000 years of recorded history and established itself as a commercial hub and urban center in the 7th century BC. Today, Izmir is the second-most populous city on the Aegean Sea, trailing only Athens, and has maintained its classical reputation as a key Mediterranean port city.

We choose to work with our partners in Izmir because they share our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, which doesn’t just show up in mission statements or hashtags, but is expressed through tangible efforts with visible benefits for their employees, community, and environment. Our factory was the first textile company to be certified as organic by the Turkish Government, way back in 1993 (25 years ago- feeling old yet?). And they didn’t stop there; over the last few decades, they've received certifications from the Global Organic Textile Standard for both their agricultural processes and supply chain, as well as consistently meeting the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which ensures that their finished textile products achieve the highest global standard for product safety and chemical usage. In 2016, our partners committed themselves to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and their “Higg Index”, which monitors and assesses members of the textile industry with regard to pollution and social impact. And when Patagonia wanted to start manufacturing organic cotton, they knew exactly where to head first.

Our factory team in Izmir have also been self-starters in promoting community and environmental responsibility from within, demonstrated by the litany of progressive projects that they’ve embarked upon. After installing rooftop solar panels in 2014, they now generate 40% of their electricity through entirely renewable sources. They have initiated their own “Footprint Neutral” projects in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation, in an effort to ensure that they minimize their contributions to CO2 output or water pollution. They contribute to their community in Izmir by donating materials to local schools in need, funding vocational training and Turkish language classes for displaced Syrian refugees, and contributing to municipal clean-up efforts. Lastly, and perhaps most impressively, our partners have recently started a “Living Wage” program for its textile workers; by adding an "LW" salary bonus each month, no employee has to live paycheck-to-paycheck to support their family (not even the oft-ignored blog writers).

We are, of course, incredibly proud to work with our partners in Turkey to create amazing garments, but we also see them as true role models for the non-textile work that they do. We firmly believe that if every apparel company focused as much energy on social and environmental responsibility as they do, our communities could see real benefits. Join us and support the cause!

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