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Our tightly knit inventory here at CIVIC was an intentioned decision, one that made sense to us both philosophically and functionally. We aren’t fans of “fast” fashion, a wasteful industry where clothes are seen as disposable and go out of style as quickly as they came in. Rather, we aim to create timeless apparel, responsibly and with quality materials, that not only lasts, but performs through all of one’s adventures, no matter the season, year after year after year. The truth is, one really doesn’t need that much in a closet. The perfect pair of pants and a hardy t-shirt can go a long way, and we’re pretty confident in our versions of those.

When we began designing our pant and short, we looked to one of our favorite architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, for inspiration and encouragement. Born in Wisconsin and active through the 20th century, Wright deeply valued the natural world. He was an internationally recognized architect, but his most highly acclaimed work is almost surely the Kaufmann residence in rural Pennsylvania, also called "Fallingwater" due to the waterfall that runs underneath the home. In his words, one ought to “study nature, love nature, [and] stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Words that deeply resonate for us in our dedication to natural fibers, not the least of which is Merino wool.

Although his designs were typically quite complex, Wright was somehow known for simplicity. That is, he was able to create a simple whole out of a massive complexity of parts. In fact, he was so detail-oriented that he was known to, at times, not only design a beautiful home for a client, but clothes to match to be worn inside.  Our Frank Chino and our Lloyd Short aren’t your typical bottom half attire. One of the biggest advantages of such a small clothing line that doesn’t constantly change is the huge amount of time we’re able to spend on perfecting each piece. Starting with a blend of Merino wool and Sorona (a performance fiber that is both plant based and renewable), we spent weeks working through all the details. Everything from low profile zipper pockets to reflective strips on the cuff, all in a simple, slim fit chino and short, built for endless miles on the road.

Of course, when we say simple, we mean that as it pertains to our man Frank; a simple whole from a complexity of parts.

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Gardner's Art through the Ages: The Western Perspective, Volume II

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