Oscar Niemeyer and the Oscar Sweater | Modernism

“Form ever follows function” was first declared by architect Louis Sullivan at the turn of the 19th century.  In reference to modernist architecture, few sayings prove so appropriate. The idea being that a design ought to first be based in purpose and performance, with aesthetic considerations coming second. That’s not to say aesthetics aren’t important, for they most certainly are. It’s just that they need not be the starting point or sole focus as they had been in epochs past. In other words, one mustn't design for design’s sake, but rather design with the intention of creating a work that  serves a purpose and serves it well.

Our Oscar Sweater very much follows suit with this modernist design philosophy. It was a tricky piece because, if we’re being honest, there are a million wool sweater options out there. Our challenge was to create something different. We set out to build a simple merino wool sweater that conceals performance ‘superpowers’, if you will. A sweater that goes with nearly anything and places function above all else. With the help of COOLMAX technology, we were able to do just that. COOLMAX is a synthetic fiber originally developed by scientists at DuPont and known for its incredible moisture wicking properties. We artfully blended it with merino wool and came up with a bit of a “super” fabric - one whose breathability and thermo-regulation properties are truly beyond comparison.

We decided to call our sweater “The Oscar” as an homage to the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Niemeyer is considered one of the founding fathers of the Modernist architecture movement and happens to be one of our all time favorites (Modernist and beyond). We love him because he added such emotion, life, and creativity to Modernism - an architectural genre that tends to be somewhat “emotionless,” albeit practical. His love of organic lines and curves is, through the lens of a modernist, as refreshing as it is courageous.  Niemeyer is probably best known for his work on Brasília, Brazil’s capital, where he designed both residential and commercial structures. Each structure is breathtaking and unique, but all have shared features that, when viewed as a whole, come together to form an awe-inspiring, unified group.

Our Oscar Sweater isn’t quite as eccentric as much of Niemeyer’s work, but surely it would make the Modernist in him proud.

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