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London Aquatics Centre

We all crave purpose in life, whether it be love, work, play, a mix of the three, or something else entirely. One could, in fact, argue that we require purpose to simply persist. The same can be said for a business, for a business is nothing more than a group of purpose seeking individuals. CIVIC exists to encourage and support sustainable travel as a means to healthier lives, stronger communities, and an enduring future for generations to come. Which really boils down to movement. Literal movement in space, and a more metaphoric movement as people, among ourselves, within our environment and through time. It is this concept of movement, so deeply ingrained, that gave rise to our obsession with Zaha Hadid.

Hadid was a world-renowned, award winning architect and designer of immense talent. Born in Baghdad, she was educated in Lebanon and resided in London. Her work touched the skylines of many major cities around the globe.  The huge impact she left on modern architecture, as a whole, was as significant as the role she played for women - a pioneer in a field heavily dominated by men (although it wasn't until later in her career that she recognized and embraced said role). She became known for designing structures that seemed to defy the laws of physics as well as the contemporary styles and categories of her peers.

Often described as the “queen of the curve”, her unusual, but absolutely awe-inspiring use of flowing geometry tends to convey a strong sense of freedom and movement in her work. She once explained, “… this idea that you could only have the 90-degree angle, when there are 359 others. I wanted to look at the way you move through space, rest your body or look at, feel a space. When you move through spaces that have a degree of fluidity, you use them differently, organize your life differently.

Our Zaha Henley is an homage to Ms. Hadid. To her imaginative qualities, her focus on human and spatial interaction, and to her ability to create such beautiful motion in a structure that is unmoving. To her strength and perseverance in what was and continues to be a hostile world of gender and racial inequality. We’re inspired to push forward with a brand that deviates from the norms of the fashion industry and seeks to make an impact on our planet and in our urban communities. Here’s to you, Zaha.

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