Merino, have you heard of it?

No, not the famous quarterback from the 90s. The Wool. You know, the soft kind from Australia. Exactly—the fabric used in outdoor gear everywhere. We love the stuff.

It’s softer than the dated yarn found in your uncle’s sweater and is the result of countless millennia of natural selection from a unique four-legged companion—the Merino sheep. The individual fibers are oh-so-fine, itch-free, incredibly odor-proof, magically temperature-regulating, and surprisingly fireproof (we tested it, and it was wild).

We decided it was about time we borrowed the world’s most advanced renewable fiber from our aspirational peak-chasing, backpack-wearing, campfire-making friends and make a considered collection of Merino essentials for the metropolitan lives we lead every day.

Learning everything from our friends and experts at Taylor Stitch, we are CIVIC and we are building some pretty exceptional yet uncomplicated apparel that works on the go—whether to and from work, on and off airplanes, or just running weekend errands. Because no matter where you spend your time, you can’t beat the sheep.


Naturally Occurring
Responsibly Sourced (Non-Mulesed)
Biodegradable Base Fibers


Odor Resistance
Temperature Control
Moisture Management


Soft To The Touch
Comfortably Worn
Range of Motion (Spandex, Sorona)
Drape, weight

of Care

Wrinkle-Free Garments
Machine Washable
Stain Resistant
Packs Well During Travel

Put simply, Civic makes Merino Wool essentials for every day life—each one sewn to take you further.

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