Evolve Your Action You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference.


We’re building a system of clothing for the new urban generation — one that stands firmly at the intersection of classic silhouettes and natural performance fabrics — one based on the same design principles that youthful creators are wielding to reinvent our cities as cleaner, more enjoyable, safer, and more connected hubs of human innovation.

We’re not interested in the ephemeral or trend, but rather responsibility and timelessness. CIVIC is our contribution to the global movement that is creating more livable cities and improving the world around us.


Merino is the world’s most advanced renewable fiber. As we began to conceptualize CIVIC, we knew one thing for certain — CIVIC would be built upon this near-perfect material.

Merino exhibits properties that took millions of years of evolution to engineer. Naturally breathable, odor-resistant, and renewable — no other synthetic fiber comes close to replicating its innate properties. Explore Merino

A Little Help

CIVIC exists to be a part of the solution. We strive not only to improve how we move within our cities, but also how we may help to improve them. We must demand more of our community leaders, friends, and of ourselves.

Youth-derived culture has always been a harbinger of positive change in the world, and we believe that empowering this element is paramount to our collective future. Giving back and helping others are two of the core pillars of the CIVIC brand, and as CIVIC grows, so too will our ability to affect real change.Learn More